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NEW Reverse Happy Hour!

Tue - Thur 8pm to 10pm

LIVE MUSIC every Thursday 7pm to 9pm

Stay tuned for our upcoming Crowler program!

Soon, you will be able to take home all of your favorites on draft, 32oz. at a time. 





Our mission at Beer Town is to bring beer to the Oceanside and San Diego County area that otherwise may not find its way here. We want to create comfortable space where people can enjoy a weekend brunch with the family or grab a unique craft beer with dinner after a long work day. We know that San Diego in particular has so many beer options that a lot of the time it can be hard to find consistent options from out of town. We want to give those breweries their time to shine and show the beer lovers of Oceanside and San Diego some of the great beers that other regions are producing.



Started in late 2018, Beer Town was originally a brewery concept in the Los Angeles/South Bay area. The concept migrated quickly towards that of a beer hall and bottle shop. While looking for a space that fit our concept, the global Covid-19 pandemic hit, and we took that time to step back and look for a space outside of the Los Angeles area. We began looking north up to Santa Barbara and south down to Ocean Beach and quickly decided that San Diego County was the right fit. With a new brewery popping up seemingly by the week across San Diego County, and bottle shops doing their best to represent as many of the local breweries as possible, we saw a unique opportunity; there is amazing beer across California and the rest of the United States, and we believe those breweries should be represented in the Craft Beer mecca that is San Diego.


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Please use the space provided to give us your feedback on your trip to Beer Town and anything you would like to see change or anything you would like to see implemented. We are here for Oceanside and want to make Beer Town inviting for everyone.

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